The Purpose of Small Animals

by The Purpose of Small Animals

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Recorded DIY in Philadelphia in a bedroom.

Many thanks to Richard, Christopher, and Stephen for their never-ending help and support.

Physical copies available here, thanks to No Sleep Till Megiddo Records:


released December 15, 2015



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The Purpose of Small Animals Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Fearful-Avoidant
Loves crosses on his walls and semi-colons in his pages, but he loves Kurt Vonnegut and sometimes Charles Bukowski. He's always guilty, too, or at least he feels that way. He thought about dying, too, but he's found God—a warning sign.

I did not know what she meant, but I believed. She sat high above the earth, with wings that stretched into the void of the sky. I was arranged and displayed, neatly dressed and afraid, stained by the charade I put on every day.

I find these thoughts interrupted by sighs. I do try, but the word dies; it flatlines. But my voice could carry these obstacles self-imposed. My voice would take the wind to your windowsill. Yet the word might get lost in the night.

And all impurities would be cleansed from the lone soul syllable as it made its way through the dark and impure, the oblivious and obscure; it would not arrive, for all that would be left is a sigh.
Track Name: Lazarus Bathes
Reach out in hopes that the first cell had successfully divided. Reach out and hope I make an image in the opaque of your mind.

Reach out and hope that you might swallow the poison of pride, like I do each and every time—I take each bitter pill in stride. I pored through old letters to restore the fading ink of my mind. I swallowed the poison of pride, 'cause even if I'm dying, I know that at least I tried.

Foot in front of the other, you took hold of the door knob, twisted, looked outside, and felt breeze on your skin. I asked if you were gonna miss winter in the heartland of Chicago.

It died. No goodbye.

And now, looking back on abandoned history, I can see foolishness I'd never admit. I know the dark is coming for me. But I know that dawn will come after, and the sunlight will shatter sullen shadows and destroy my delirium so I can't drown in my sorries.

I've seen the dark. I've felt its cold grip, but I'm not scared because I know the sun will rise in just hours.

Here comes the sun.
Track Name: Wombs
You said you wanted away, so I let you walk through, and I carried you in my womb.

Poison ivy guarded the gates, but you entered the garden and stole the roses. Did you visit the old house? If you fell asleep, tell me you woke up.

If you did, let me know you're alive somehow. Reach to me in a dream because I'll be dreaming of you. As I enter the garden to sleep beneath the willow tree, I'll listen to the winds and wait for your word to come to me.
Track Name: Anxious-Preoccupied
Will you come back to me?
Track Name: Go Forth and Make It So
I'll don the crown of God to make it so. I'll die a thousand times to make it so. I will remake a cruel world to make it so. I will reincarnate you to make it so. I'll swallow the poison of pride to make it so. I'll carry worlds within me to make it so. I will go forth and make it so.